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The Code Collection!

We are so proud of finally revealing THE CODE COLLECTION! 

The Code collection breaking from Maria Black Jewellery is with Maria Black’s own words, described as subtle and casual-chic. With body adornment as the focal point Black has created discreet contrasting pieces, meant to interact rather than impress.

The Code is a reworked homage to Mark Rothko’s abstract expressionist 20th century paintings. His multiform theme consisting of simple lines, squares and rectangles, has been boiled down to the line as the foundation of all shapes “Mark Rothko is fascinating to me, because of his complexity; his work is monumental and strong while appearing light - almost transparent, which I find to be extremely remarkable”  - Maria Black elaborates on her source of inspiration.

Below we have assembled some highlights from the collection which is available on our website.


Sanae Necklace  Serra Necklace 



Tusk Twirl Earring Creed Earring



Nomi Diamond Bracelet Stella Bracelet



Creed Diamond Short Bar Ring  Nomi Double Ring