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Maria Black is now opening a inhouse Piercing Studio! Experience expert piercing, styling advice and beautiful 14K gold jewellery in our cool flag ship store In the heart of Copenhagen.

With a newly designed piercing collection comprised of 14K gold jewellery set with diamonds and sapphires, Maria Black is offering an exclusive and versatile opportunity to get a personal and exciting look.

All piercings include advice, after care and personal cleanse kit to ensure a proper healing for your piercing.

From June 9th 2017 we will house a new piercing studio together with a new styling bar that encourage everyone to play and have fun with the jewellery and design the ultimate personal earparty look.

Striving to celebrate individuality and encourage individual creative freedom the Piercing Studio concept shares a natural kinship with Maria Black.

“The new piercing look is not about rebellion, but empowerment. The taboo of old has washed down the drain with terms like gender-neutral and todays piercing look is refined and carefully curated” says designer Maria Black

Maria Black has been at the forefront of the multiple piercing look since the launch of the brand in 2010.

Signature designs like the Twirl earring that curls around the ear to imitate a double piercing and other clever tricks have offered the MB girl the possibility to create her own fresh and feminine take on piercing jewellery.

This vision has propelled Maria Black designs into international power houses like Colette Paris, Net-a-Porter and Estnation Japan. By selling earrings individually, the brand ethos has always been to play, mix and mismatch earrings to design an earparty unique to you.

With the resurgent popularity of the multiple earring look, the brand is now reacting to the customers need by offering the full service of a professional and safe inhouse Piercing Studio paired with a professional and experienced piercer.