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  • The 10 mm. back post should only be used, if your new piercing is really swollen and needs some more space in order to heal properly. Please consult with a piercer, if you are experiencing troubles with your piercing.

  • Material: 14K Gold

    Disk: 3 mm.

    Length: 10 mm.

    Gauge: 16

  • How to make your jewellery last a lifetime (or close to):

    1. Take you jewellery off when you shower/wash your hands/exercise

    2. Use a gold polishing cloth to gently clean discoloring

    3. Diamonds attract grease and dust, so you should clean your diamonds regularly with water and dish soap

“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.

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