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We pierce ears using jewellery created specifically for this purpose. Our collection of piercing jewellery has been carefully created in collaboration with professional piercers and conforms to recommended international guidelines concerning the design, safety and quality.

Our piercing jewellery consists of two elements; an internally threaded post and a threaded end. We also pierce with a hinged infinity hoop. Our piercing jewellery is naturally antibacterial, nickel-free and hypoallergenic. We do not pierce with sterling silver, as it is unsuitable for piercing.

Our piercer will look at the area to be pierced to assist in finding a suitable style for the area and to determine the correct length of the internally threated post in order to accommodate potential swelling. Once any swelling has gone down, you will need to visit us again to change to a shorter threaded post. You can book a follow-up consultation here. Ideally, your jewellery should sit flush on your ear to help the healing process and make sure the hole heals at the correct angle.


Our piercing jewellery is expertly crafted in solid 14k yellow or white gold, nickel-free and set with brilliant diamonds and gemstones

We use 14k yellow and white gold that follows international standards for safe jewellery alloys. Our metals are sourced from registered and reputable sources and our piercing jewellery is crafted in India and Thailand. Surplus metals are refined for purity before being recycled for use in new jewellery designs.


Our piercing jewellery styles are also available for existing piercings. They are referred to as 1 mm. labrets.

For cartilage, helix, tragus and lobe piercings where you do not plan on removing the jewellery, a labret is the ideal choice. Not only does it fit securely and snugly – great for active lifestyles – it also allows you to sleep comfortably on the piercing. Furthermore, labret designs look good viewed from behind.