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Tell me a bit about the concept of the piercing studio.

The piercing studio has been created to be a natural extension of the Maria Black universe. We design earrings and we love to play and create looks never before seen, so this was the perfect fit. Imagine browsing a jewellery shop where you can curate your own personal look and have it done - there and then. The atmosphere is caring, relaxed, filled with good vibes and we urge people to bring friends and see it as a fun social experience. Nothing beats the rush of having a new piercing done so it is definitely a moment you should share.

The piercing studio is an alternative to the more traditional piercing shops, which might seem intimidating to some. We have a fully qualified piercer with 20 years of experience so you are in safe hands, and we will take care of all your needs from start till finish: from styling advice, cleaning guidelines to healing. We do not stretch earlobes or insert jewellery under the skin, instead we strive for the empowering, beautiful and aesthetic piercing look.

And it is all Maria Black signature jewellery?

I have spent a year perfecting the piercing system and creating a collection in gold and precious stone, which not only meets international standards but excels in quality. The designs are delicate and comfortable for long term wear, they are quirky and minimalist making them work with everything - you can actually change the front design later and keep the back, saving costs, whilst you get to play with your curated ear look.

The piercing studio began as a pop-up. How was it received by the customers?

Brilliantly. Our youngest customer was 13 and our oldest 68, which just confirm that it is really for everyone who has ever felt the urge to have just a little more bling in their ears and to stand out. It is understated and screamingly loud at the same time, as it is framing your face and giving it a cool edge. The atmosphere in our shop changed from an ordinary shopping experience to an extraordinary adventure. Ppeople were hanging out and experimenting with their looks and everyone was curious and chatty.

Is that atmosphere part of the permanent piercing studio as well?

Definitely. Every Friday we serve soft drinks or beer to our customers, while they browse our newest piercings and gear down from the week. We already find that people pop in for a casual chat about their next piercing project and everyone chips in with an opinion. This is basically my idea of jewellery heaven. We feel this is so us and our community has reacted with so much enthusiasm and excitement, so we are just gagging to blow the starting whistle.

What is your personal favourite?

I love the Quadron Earring that is finished with a small dangling stone. I love piercing that gives a small movement around your helix area. In true Maria Black style, we offer a really styleable selection that is customizable. So stop by and join.