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About Maria Black


Not compromising is one of Maria Black’s characteristics, and it shows in her collections.
Maria Black does not play by the rules, but follows her gut feeling, and is driven by the impossible. Striving to make intelligent jewellery that make people think, Maria Black has moved from being a silver apparel brand, into the exclusive and elusive world with fine jewellery - today her brand is sold all over the world in high-end stores.

Continuously innovating the perception of body adornment with effortlessly chic androgynous forms and expressions Maria Black is infused with a philosophy of making jewellery playful and customizable, encouraged to be mixed and matched.


My designs are recognised by pushing boundaries. I test and develop new techniques, and try to push boundaries of what jewellery can. The more impossible it seems, the more interest I have. First of all, it has to be relevant, and my jewellery philosophy is to keep evolving, not stagnate, Maria Black 2017

Maria Black works in her Copenhagen-based studio and is fascinated by the carefree attitude of silver, and the sensual promise of gold. She loves to shape metals, and show how beautiful lines can be twisted in new and exciting directions. Much of her inspiration is drawn from artist David Bowie and the things that surrounds her as her late grandmother’s house. In addition, she loves strong silhouettes, simple design, and feel a strong connection to the simplicity in Japanese art and culture.

I hope that the old traditions can morph together with the new technologies, to create something spectacular never seen before in the jewellery design world. I try to look to the future with a sound knowledge of the past to create something that is now, Maria Black 2017