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Our piercing

Cleverly designed earrings are Maria Black’s signature and piercing has been a natural extension of our jewellery universe. We aim to revolutionise the way people consider and wear jewellery, entering new and uncharted style territories.

Since opening our first piercing studio in Copenhagen in 2017, we have offered our customers a unique piercing experience performed by professional piercers. Whether you are visiting us to have your very first piercing or wish to upgrade your existing ear game, our stores and piercing studios in Copenhagen, London, Oslo and Munich let you curate your personal look in an instant.

“A piercing is an extension of your personal style, becoming an intrinsic part of who you are, and our piercing jewellery is made to custom-fit every unique ear for continual wear.”

– Maria Black, Head of Design

Our jewellery collections are driven by our inclusive ethos, which invite individuals to explore and embrace individuality in fresh and creative ways. Our founding belief is that personal style and fashion are not for us to dictate, but for you to explore. We are passionate about bringing you the pieces that let your creativity run free.

“Nothing beats the rush of a new piercing; it is addictive—and a moment that fills me with a sense of pride.”

– Maria Black, Head of Design

Curate your look

We are here to guide you in achieving the best possible look for your ear – based on both your anatomy and your style. Ears are as unique as snowflakes and our piercing jewellery is designed to let you create a custom-fit look, together with your existing jewellery pieces or favourite styles from our fashion and fine jewellery collections.

Join in and book your piercing appointment at one of our studios!


Piercing studios

Get pierced in style in one of our piercing studios