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Recycled Silver

Recycled Silver



Journey Lilac Coin

55 EUR

925 Sterling Silver | Yellow Gold Plated

Free Shipping on all orders above €70 | 30 Day return | Buy with Klarna

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  • The Journey Coin is a symbol to remind you that the journey can but just as important as the goal; sometimes even more important. A metaphor for the experience of living life with all its ups and downs. The Coin is made with hand-mixed resin, so the expression of the jewellery may vary, creating a unique look. Use the Journey Coin in the Moss ring or one of the gorgeous charms from the POP Collection. Don't be gentle when pressing the coin in your ring or charm. Make sure the coin sits tight.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Plating: 22K Gold Plating

    Resin: Lilac

    Diameter: 10,2 mm.

    The resin is hand mixed so each piece will have a unique color.

  • How to make your jewellery last a lifetime (or close to):

    1. Keep it in an air-tight bag when not used

    2. Take it off when you shower/wash your hands/exercise

    3. Be gentle

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