We hope you have had an elevating experience at our piercing studio and that you are happy with your new piercing(s). Now it is up to you to take good care of it to ensure a fast healing and an overall positive piercing experience.

This guide provides you with our recommendations on how to care for your new piercing(s), aligned with current professional piercing and healthcare standards. Make sure to follow the advice of our piercers in regards to your newly curated ear. If you experience any trouble with your new piercing, make sure to contact our piercing studios or book a follow-up appointment. Then we will make sure to help you out. You can also follow our guidelines or read through our aftercare guide below. If you still have questions regarding your piercing you can book a virtual piercing session with one of our piercers.

What to do in 9 steps

How to clean your piercing(s) with Saline Spray

1. Wash your hands.

2. Spray the front and back of the pierced area for one second per side with the provided saline spray.

3. Wait one minute.

4. Spray the area again, for three seconds on each side, to dislodge any discharge.

5. Inspect the area to see if there is any remaining discharge.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to remove remaining discharge.

7. Gently pat the area dry with gauze or kitchen towel. Avoid using toilet paper, cotton buds and cotton wool on and around the newly pierced area(s) as the material fibres can irritate the skin and cause infection.

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What to avoid in 8 steps

Need more answers?

If you still have questions regarding your piercing you can read our piercing FAQ.

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