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Plan a piercing

01. Choose the right jewellery

Explore our selection of fine gold piercing jewellery and get inspired to create your own personal look. Our piercing jewellery is suitable for new and existing piercings depending on the size of the post. Please consult with a piercer before choosing the length of the post.

02. Choose the right placement

Every ear is as unique as a snowflake and the same goes for sizing. Whether it’s for your tragus or stacked lobe, you can now make sure to find the perfect fit – wherever you are in the world! Our piercers will help you find the perfect placement and advise you in choosing the right jewellery for your specific anatomy. Our piercers can also advise you on styling your ear and create a curated look.

03. Choose back post length

Explore our selection of back posts for existing and new piercing. All back posts are in 14K gold. Please consult with a piercer before choosing the length of the post.

04. Book your piercing appointment

Spanning from dainty styles that look cool stacked up on your lobe to stunning statement pieces. No matter which style appeals to you, our selection lets you create curated looks in an instant. Our professional piercers will guide you through the process, and advise you in choosing the perfect piece for you.

05. Taking care

Make sure to follow the advice of our piercers in regards to your newly curated ear. If you experience any trouble with your new piercing, make sure to contact our piercing studios or book a follow-up appointment. Then we will make sure to help you out. You can also follow our guidelines or read through our aftercare guide below.

Nice to know

When buying piercing jewellery there are a few guidelines you need to follow:

01. Always consult with a professional piercer

Consult with a professional piercer before choosing your jewellery and back post length.

02. Choose the right size

All ears are unique, make therefore sure to read our Post Size Guide before choosing your size.

03. Safe returns

Piercing Jewellery cannot be returned or used for piercing in one of our studios, if the packaging is broken.

04. Clean all jewellery

The piercing jewellery is cleaned when sent. We cannot guarantee that the product is fully cleaned when arriving, since we cannot control how it is handled during the shipment. We recommend that the jewellery should be properly cleaned by a professional piercer before being used for a new piercing.

05. Responsibility

We do not take responsibility for piercings made by other piercers than Maria Black professional piercers.

Read our piercing FAQ

“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.

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