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We will grow and change. We will create change. We will change it together.

Maria Black Jewellery

We believe that jewellery reflects us, so it goes without question that it should reflect our values and responsibility as well.

At Maria Black, we take responsibility for everything we make and how we make them. We remain transparent about our process and we always leave the door open for improvement. Through strengthening and bettering each step of our production, we are committed to bring jewellery to a new standard.

Our responsibility stems from our compassion for our work, our respect for people and nature, as well as the urgent need to take concrete action. We want to be the leaders of a sea change in our industry and demonstrate that it is possible to make responsible jewellery.

Within the current state of affairs in our industry, immense devastation and harm is caused by the extraction, refinement and crafting of mines. This pushes us to ensure a positive impact we can relate to our work: securing and improving the livelihoods of communities that extract mines, the landscapes they are mined in, and all our future wellbeing. We strive to explore new possibilities for creating our jewellery, learning together, and sharing our findings, and initiating meaningful change.

We have been pondering on many new things about ourselves and our company, but also on our industry and global production. We have realized the greater tasks we need to assume considering the long journey jewellery takes from mining sites to us. We cannot overlook the social and environmental impact of mining for precious metals and shaping them to our designs.

We want our practices to reflect our values. We want to work to instill respect for people and nature into our industry. We want to elevate jewellery to a standard that reduces harm to lives and landscapes; establishes safe and secure practices; and maintains trustworthy, open and fair business processes.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

We acknowledge the current reality of our industry and our world. We recognize our role, hold ourselves accountable, and take responsibility for our actions. We are aware of the many problems, yet we know there is not a singular solution. Through trial and failure, we will take our steps forward.

We will learn together and share our knowledge. We will take action. We will involve ourselves with the people and environment our business is involved in. For the wellbeing of all of us, we will improve our production chain, our company, and eventually our industry. 

We will grow and change. We will create change. We will change it together.

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“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.

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