01 Online orders

01 - 1. How do I redeem my discount code? 

If you have a discount code, you may simply activate it by entering the code during checkout in the payment section when you buy online.

01 - 2. How do I cancel or edit an order I have placed? 

If you want to cancel or edit your order, you must contact our Customer service as soon as possible via Email at customer-care@maria-black.com or call us on +45 40 48 07 89. Once you have placed your order, it will usually be processed the following workday.

01 - 3. I have a problem with your website. What do I do? 

We are very sorry that you are having a problem with our website. Please send us an Email to customer-care@maria-black.com describing the issue and, where appropriate, send a screenshot, and we will handle the issue as soon as possible.

01 - 4. I have received a gift voucher. Can I redeem it online and in your physical shop? 

Gift vouchers purchased in our physical shop can only be used in our physical shop. Gift vouchers purchased online can be used on our homepage and in our physical shop.

01 - 5. I have received the item I have ordered but it is defect, incomplete or it is the wrong item. What do I do? 

Please accept our sincere apologies. But errors or mistakes may occur from time to time. Of course we quality check our jewelry but accidental mistakes may occur now and then.
Jewelry will be considered defect if they are not received in one piece or if defects that may originate from the manufacturing occur within six months after they were purchased.
Please note that jewelry that are defect due to excessive use are not considered defect jewelry but worn jewelry.
We advise you to send us some close-ups of the damaged jewelry and your order ID, and we will handle the issue as soon as possible.

01 - 6. Where are your items shipped from? 

We send items from our stock at our head office in Lille Strandstræde 14 D2, 1254 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

01 - 7. How do I know that my order is received? 

You will receive an order confirmation from us once we have received your order. This is your confirmation that your order has been received and that we will soon begin to process your order.

02 Shipping and delivery

02 - 1. Once I have placed my order, when will I receive my items? 

As soon as we have packed and shipped your items, you will receive an Email with a tracking number.
Normal time of delivery is between 1-5 business days depending on which country you want the parcel to be shipped to.
Longer time of delivery may be expected during sale and special holidays due to pressure.

02 - 2. Will I be able to track my shipment in order to trace the parcel? 

As soon as your items are shipped from our stock, you will receive an Email with shipping information and a tracking number. You may click the link in the Email to track your shipment. You may also easily track the order by entering the tracking number on the courier’s homepage.

02 - 3. May I collect my parcel that I have ordered online in your shop? 

You may order online and collect in our Flagship store in Silkegade 13, 1113 Copenhagen K. Choose Click & Collect – Collect in Silkegade 13 as delivery method when you order online. You may collect your items in the shop the next day after 3 pm. In case items are sold out or other accidental events, it may take a few more days before we are able to ship the parcel.

02 - 4. How much tax will I be charged? (Outside the EU) 

We are afraid that we cannot estimate how much tax you will be charged. Your local tax authorities will be able to help you make an estimate of your price.

02 - 5. How much will I be charged for shipping? 

Denmark: Free shipping
Norway: Free shipping
UK: £15.00. You will receive free shipping on purchases of more than £80.00.
Rest of the world: €20.00. You will receive free shipping on purchases of more than £100.

02 - 6. Is my parcel insured until I receive it?
Your parcel is ensured against theft and accidental damage on its way from our stock to the delivery address. As soon as the parcel is received at the specified address and the parcel is signed for, the insurance will no longer be valid.

03 Payment

03 - 1. Which payment methods do you accept? 

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron, Mastercard Direct.

04 Return and replacement

04 - 1. What is your return policy?

You can return any items purchased online within 2 weeks after our shipment date.
If you want to buy a present and you want to buy it well in advance, please send an email to customer-care@maria-black.com in order that we can look into extending the return date. Read more on our site about terms of return.

04 - 2. How do I return or exchange my items? 

We offer full refund or exchange of items to other sizes/other jewelry if we receive the items within 2 weeks. Please complete the return form that you received with your invoice and your parcel and enclose it with the parcel returned to us.
Please send the parcel to:
Maria Black
Lille Strandstræde 14, D2
1254 Copenhagen K, Denmark
ATT: Web shop

04 - 3. May I return/exchange my items in your shop? 

You are entitled to exchange items in our shop that are purchased in our web shop. Show your order number in the shop and they will be happy to assist you.

04 - 4. Do you exchange items bought on sale? 

The same return policy applies to items bought on sale and ordinary items. You are entitled to return items bought online on sale within 2 weeks. Sometimes we run sales campaigns online independent of our flagship store why it is not always the same items that are on sales in the store as online and vice versa.

04 - 5. How long do I have to claim compensation and what does it cover? 

If your jewelry breaks due to a production error, you will have the right to claim compensation. The right to claim compensation will be valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. However, you right to claim compensation will only be valid if you are able to provide valid proof of purchase. We will exchange your jewelry to a new one or repair it free of charge. Read more on our site about right to claim compensation.

04 - 6. Will I be charged for returning my items to you? 

At present, Maria Black does not cover the costs of return shipments. You are free to choose which shipment method you use when returning items to us, but the responsibility of ensuring that the items reaches us safely is with you.

04 - 7. When I return a parcel to you, how fast will it be processed? 

Allow 1-4 business days of processing from the time when we have received your returned items. Once we have processed your returned items, you will receive a notification by Email.
Normally it takes between 1-5 business days depending on your bank before you will be able to see refunds on your bank account.

04 - 8. Can I exchange/return jewelry purchased from a vendor in your shop or on your web shop? 

If you have purchased a jewelry from one of our vendors, you may not return it via our web shop or our physical shop. Please contact the vendor where you have purchased the jewelry and adhere to their returns/complaints policy.

04 - 9. I have lost my return slip, what do I do? 

If you have lost your return slip and you are unable to find it in the Email, please do not hesitate to send us an Email on customer-care@maria-black.com, stating your order number and we will locate it and send it to you.

05 Customer service

05 - 1. When can I contact Customer service? 

You are welcome to contact our Customer service on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm at +45 40480789.

05 - 2. How do I receive information about new items etc.? 

You are welcome to sign up for our newsletter where we will send you news and info about our latest collections, events, sale and much more.

05 - 3. I am unable to find the item I am searching for, is it possible that I can find it with other vendors? 

Basically, we will always show the latest items on our homepage and in our flagship store. If you are unable to find it there, the chances of finding it with our vendors will be slim. You are always welcome to contact us sending a picture and a description of the item to customer-care@maria-black.com and we will be happy to help you.

06 Repairs

06 - 1. Can my jewelry be gold plated again? 

Yes your jewelry can be gold plated again. Maria Black will not do it but you can bring our jewelry to a goldsmith and pay for your jewelry to be gold plated again.

06 - 2. My jewelry has come to pieces, what do I do?

If your jewelry is broken due a production error, you must contact us at customer-care@maria-black.com. Please enclose your order number, description and photo of damage. You are also welcome to stop by our Flagship store to determine whether it is possible to repair your jewelry subject.

07 Jewelry 

07 - 1. Why do you sell your earrings as pieces and not as a pair? 

We are selling our earrings as pieces since we want to allow you to mix and match the different styles to create a personal look. However, you should be aware that the individual styles are sold as a pair.

07 - 2. What carat are your jewelry made of?

Our Fine Jewelry collection are exclusively made of 14 kt. gold as we want to ensure high durability and quality of our jewelry. Our sterling silver jewelry are plated with 3 micron layers of 24 kt. gold in order to ensure long durability of the gold plating. The name 18 kt. refers to the color of the metal.

07 - 3. How do I find my ring size? 

In order to find the correct ring size, you must measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits you. Then you may use the ring size guide below to find your size. Our ring sizes are from 43 to 62, depending on which style you prefer and there is only 1 mm difference between each size.

07 - 4. How do I take best care of my jewelry?

We are happy to guide you to how to care for your jewelry in order that they remain beautiful. Read about our materials and jewelry care here.