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Piercing jewellery labrets are small and fiddly and can be tricky to hold on to. When putting on your new labret earring, we advise you to do it somewhere you don’t risk accidentally dropping it down your sink, between wooden floorboards, etc.

The piercing jewellery labrets have a front and a back piece with a threated design, which allows them to screw together for secure wear. The front piece is illustrated to the right. The back piece with the signature clover is to the left.


1. Insert the back piece into your existing piercing from the back of your ear.

If you experience that it’s difficult to put in, here is a simple trick:

  • Use an earring stud that you already own and insert from the front as usual.
  • Once through, the stud will act as a guide to find your piercing.
  • Place the back piece of your piercing jewellery on the labret and push both forward.

2. Hold the back piece in place and attach the front piece.

NB: If you normally don’t take your jewellery out of your piercing, make sure to tighten the jewellery on a regular basis.

3. Simply screw the front piece clockwise onto the back piece.

Make sure that the two pieces are properly tightened.