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How much does it cost to get pierced at Maria Black?

The piercing fee per session is €40 / £30. The price includes a maximum of four piercings per booking, and jewellery is not included. The jewellery ranges from €175/£179 to €700/£708. Explore our piercing jewellery styles or buy our piercing styles here.

Is the jewellery included in the price?

Jewellery is not included in the booking price. Price includes a maximum of four piercings per booking. Explore our piercing jewellery styles.

What jewellery is used for piercing?

We pierce with jewellery created specifically for this purpose. Our piercing jewellery consists of 1,2mm piercing jewellery and hinged infinity hoops - which are only suitable for earlobe piercings. Our piercing jewellery consist of two elements; an internally threaded back post and a threaded end, and they are suitable for most ear piercings. Our piercing jewellery is antibacterial, nickel-free and hypoallergenic. The designs suit both men and women and are crafted from 14K yellow or white gold. Explore our piercing universe.

Can I get pierced with a huggie?

We are unable to pierce with huggies. They are not suitable for the ear to heal properly in relation to swelling. However, huggies are perfect for a healed piercing.

Do you only pierce ears?

Custom ear piercings is our speciality, and yes, we only pierce ears! Together with our passionate store staff, our piercers can help guide you in achieving the best possible look for your ear – based on both your anatomy and your style. Ears are as unique as snowflakes and we take great care to ensure the best placement and the correct angle on your ear. We also take into consideration any characteristics unique to you; a freckle or scar you want to detract from, or a feature you want to highlight.

Can I get pierced with any silver jewellery from Maria Black?

We only pierce with jewellery from our piercing collection crafted in solid 14K gold. We do not pierce with sterling silver, as it is unsuitable for piercing. Why?

  • The silver metal is too soft to pierce with. It can easily get scratched which can cause bacterial infection.
  • There is a risk of silver oxidizing which can cause discolouration.
  • When your piercing is fully healed you can change into any silver jewellery you like. Discover our earrings.

Can I get pierced with other jewellery than Maria Black piercing jewellery?

We only pierce with jewellery from our piercing collection created specifically for this purpose. Our collection of piercing jewellery has been carefully created in collaboration with professional piercers and conforms to recommended international guidelines concerning the design, safety and quality.

How many piercings can I get per booking?

One piercing session includes from one to a maximum of four piercings per booking. The price is €40 whether you want 1, 2, 3 or 4 piercings. Our piercer will evaluate the number of piercings based on their placement, to ensure the best healing process. Jewellery is not included in the price.

How long does it take to heal?

Everyone heals differently and your new piercing needs to be left alone to heal. Any unnecessary pulling and turning could result in opening the wound, an increased risk of infection or longer healing time. An earlobe piercing takes 2-3 months to heal, earlobe right next to cartilage takes 3-8 months and a cartilage piercing takes 6-12 months. We recommend you read our care guide.

How should I clean my new piercing?

We recommend that you use sterile saline solution on your new piercing. Spray on the pierced area for 10 seconds, wait for one minute, and spray again. Dry the piercing with kitchen towel paper. We recommend using Neilmed Saline solution for piercings, but if this is not available, then a sterile saline solution from the pharmacy is also suitable.We recommend you read our care guide.

Why do you pierce with a needle and not a piercing gun?

First of all, it is less painful, and who does not like the sound of that? It is safer in regard to cross-contamination and it is less invasive to the ear tissue. Using a piercing gun can damage the tissue. Using a needle makes it possible for the piercer to achieve the best possible look for your ear and they also take into consideration any characteristics unique to you.


Our Infinity hinged hoop is only suitable for lobe piercings and we do not recommend using this style to pierce the cartilage area. The healing period can be extended as the hoop easily turns around in the newly pierced hole, which can irritate the tissue. Explore our piercing collection suitable for cartilage piercings.

Do you have age restrictions?

We follow the legal age restrictions for each country. Furthermore, it is up to each individual piercer to decide if the child has reached the mental capacity to care for a new piercing. We would also require the child to be old enough to express their desire to get an ear piercing.

Do you take drop-ins/walk-ins?

We do! However, we cannot guarantee that we are able to accommodate any walk-ins. We advise you to pre-book an appointment to make sure we have time to pierce you. We often get fully booked quite quickly! Book your next piercing appointment.

Can I buy the piercing jewellery for my existing holes?

Our piercing jewellery styles are also available for existing piercings. They are referred to as 1 mm. labrets and studs.

For cartilage, helix, tragus and lobe piercings where you do not plan on removing the jewellery, a labret is an ideal choice. Not only does it fit securely and snugly – great for active lifestyles. Additionally, labret designs also look amazing viewed from behind due to their clover-shaped threaded end.

What do I do if my piercing gets infected or is swelling up a lot?

Should you, contrary to expectations, experience any problems, complications, excessive swelling or the like, we are on hand to help you. Read our care guide.

If you are in doubt about anything, contact your nearest Maria Black Piercing Studio or a local piercing professional for further inspection. Due to current restrictions it is possible to book an After Care session through FaceTime or WhatsApp with our piercer. The session can be booked here.

Typical signs of infection include but are not limited to:

  • Feeling unwell
  • High temperature
  • Cloudy, green or foul-smelling discharge
  • Continual or increased pain
  • Increased redness
  • Additional swelling
  • Increased heat sensation in the pierced area

Do not remove your piercing jewellery before consulting a piercer or medical professional.