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So you got a new piercing - what should you do now?

Make sure to follow the advise of our piercers in regards to your newly curated ear. If you experience any trouble with your new piercing, make sure to contact our piercing studios or book an appointment for a follow up. Then we will make sure to help you out.
You can also follow our guidelines or read through our after care below.



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How should I clean my new piercing?

We recommend that you use sterile saline solution on your new piercing. Spray on the pierced area for 10 seconds, wait for one minute, and spray again. Dry the piercing with kitchen towel paper. We recommend using Neilmed Saline solution for piercings, but if this is not available, then a sterile saline solution from the pharmacy is also suitable.

What should I do if my piercing is swollen and irritated?

If possible then consult one of our piercers, and they will advise you in what to do. If you experience swelling or irritation, then do not touch your new piercing. It is also an option do make a hot salt water bath and submerge your ear in the water. This can help reduce swelling.

How long does it take to heal?

Everyone heals differently and your new piercing needs to be left alone to heal. Any unnecessary pulling and turning could result in opening the wound, an increased risk of infection or longer healing time. An earlobe piercing takes 2-3 months to heal, earlobe right next to cartilage takes 3-8 months and a cartilage piercing takes 6-12 months. We recommend you read our care guide.

Should i downsize my jewellery?

A newly pierced ear will swell slightly in the first few days or weeks after piercing. Our piercing jewellery is fitted with a longer post to accommodate this and should be worn until the swelling has gone down and healing process is well underway. This usually takes around a month, after which time you can replace the long post with a shorter one. Contact our piercing studios for an appointment to have the post changed to the size best suited to your piercing and anatomy.


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