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Experience to Remember - Piercing

Looking for an “experience to remember”? Look no further - our Piercing Concept is the one for you.

Whether you're a big spender or small-yet-mighty gift giver, we have options for you. 

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Explore the Treasures

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Maria Black Piercing

When you buy a piercing jewellery online as a gift please follow this guide:

1. Buy the piercing jewellery online. 

2. Tell the gift-receiver to keep the piercing jewellery in the sterilized bag. 

3. Book a time for getting pierced at one of our piercing studios here.

4. Bring your Maria Black piercing jewellery to our piecing studio, and the piercer will guide you through the whole proces.

Learn more here.

Piercing Costs

Piercing Fee

Our piercing fee is €40 no matter where in your ear you get pierced. Feel free to style up to four piercings per session, with this flat rate. The piercer, however, will always make sure to evaluate how many piercings are safe to do at once depending on the placements. So, four piercings at a time are possible, but sometimes will not be advised.


With this experience you are also welcome to choose the jewellery you wish to be pierced with or allow our experienced piercers style you instead. Regardless, our jewellery prices range between €123 and €1075, depending on the materials used (i.e. 14K Gold pieces will be less expensive and 14K Gold pieces with lab-grown diamonds - more expensive). You are free to pick your favorites, but you will also be expected to pay for the jewellery you select.


Down-sizing of your back post is an important step of your piercing journey. When you first get pierced, our piercers will calculate the size of the back post needed for your ear to comfortably heal without any obstructions or issues along the way. Typically, upon piercing, the back post will be longer, as the ear will be slightly swollen and once the piercing heals, it should be down-sized to avoid it catching on things and making the day-to-day wear more comfortable. The price of a new back post is €43. Make your follow up appointment here.

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