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Recycled Silver

Recycled Silver



Halo Green Bracelet

1 149 SEK

925 Sterling Silver | White Rhodium Plating


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  • The Halo Bracelet is a mix of the timeless Figaro chain and a small, yet mighty "flaming heart" charm filled with electric green resin. It's a great addition to your look by itslef or paired with the Halo Necklace for a more impactful styling.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Plating: White Rhodium

    Resin: Lime

    The resin is hand mixed so each piece will have a unique color.

    Available in three sizes:

    Small: 17 cm.

    Medium: 18,5 cm.

    Large: 21 cm.

  • How to make your jewellery last a lifetime (or close to):

    1. Keep it in an air-tight bag when not used

    2. Take it off when you shower/wash your hands/exercise

    3. Be gentle


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