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We will grow and change. We will create change. We will change together.

At Maria Black, we take responsibility for everything we make and how we make them. We remain transparent about our process and we always leave the door open for improvement. We are committed to set a new standard for the production of jewellery by strengthening and optimizing each step of our production.

Our responsibility stems from our compassion for our work, our respect for people and nature, as well as the urgent need to take concrete action. We want to be the leaders of a sea change in our industry and demonstrate that it is possible to make responsible jewellery.

Within the current state of affairs in our industry, immense devastation and harm is caused by the extraction, refinement and crafting of mines. This pushes us to ensure a positive impact we can relate to our work: securing and improving the livelihoods of communities that extract mines, the landscapes they are mined in, and all our future wellbeing. We strive to explore new possibilities for creating jewellery - all learned together and passed on to initiate meaningful change.

From 2021 we will:

Use IMPACT gold

IMPACT gold is a mixed alloy, consisting of 30% Fairtrade gold and 70% recycled gold. This means that we can divert some of our resources towards the small-scale artisanal miners and simultaneously manage our waste.

Use Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to those that are mined but is liable to much less social and environmental harm. Exploring this possibility is important to us as it eliminates mining, social conflict, land devastation, cartel pricing, wildlife displacement and harm to local communities.


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“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.


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