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Jessa Ring

314 GBP

14K White Gold, White Rhodium Plated


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  • Sometimes you're just in need of a hint of diamonds. Well who are we kidding; diamonds are needed all-day-everyday which is exactly what our Jessa Ring brings to your life.

  • Material: 14K White Gold

    Stones: 1 x 1.5 mm. white diamond / 2 x 1.3mm. white diamonds

    Total carat 0,035

    This jewellery is made with IMPACT gold. Learn more about our materials under 'DNA'.

  • How to make your jewellery last a lifetime (or close to):

    1. Keep it in an air-tight bag when not used

    2. Take it off when you shower/wash your hands/exercise

    3. Be gentle

“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.


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