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Our materialsWhat is IMPACT gold?

IMPACT gold is an alloy of 30% Fairtrade gold and 70% Recycled gold. The reasoning for IMPACT gold is its positive impact on the indigenous producer communities, both environmentally and socially.

Our materialsWhat is Fairtrade gold?

When a consumer chooses Fairtrade gold, it means the gold has been responsibly mined and that the miners have received a Fairtrade Minimum Price (of 95% LBMA) and Premium of $2000/kg, which assists social, environmental and economic development in the communities.

Our materialsWhat is Fairtrade GSP?

Fairtrade Gold Sourcing Programme (GSP) means the final product does not carry the Fairtrade Mark, but the business is still sourcing Fairtrade gold. The gold is traceable from the mine and through the refining process, and verified through FLOCERT (an independent third party) audits, but may be mixed with non-Fairtrade gold before going into the final product.

Our materialsWhat is recycled gold?

All the recycled gold we use carries the SCS global service certification. This certificate ensures that the mined materials are traceable, environmentally focused and promote ethical labor conditions. SCS is a verification agent which focuses on quality, social responsibility, and stewardship to the earth.

Lab-grown Diamonds

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Our materialsWhat is a Lab-grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are laboratory made diamonds that were grown by scientists in a lab. Lab-grown diamonds are optically identical to those that are mined, they share the same chemical composition, both consisting of pure carbon in a cubic crystalline form. They have the same sparkle, clarity, and aesthetic of earth mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds. They are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias.

Our materialsWhat is the difference between mined and Lab-grown Diamonds?

The difference between mined and Lab-grown Diamonds is where they are grown. Mined diamonds grow below the surface of the earth over millions of years, whereas Lab-grown Diamonds can be created in a lab over a period of a few weeks.

Our materialsCan you see a difference between a mined and a Lab-grown Diamond?

Not even an experts naked eye can see the difference between a Lab-grown Diamond and a mined diamond. Only a specific tool can determine the difference.

Our materialsWhy do we choose Lab-grown Diamonds?

Exploring this possibility is important to us as it eliminates mining, social conflict, land devastation, cartel pricing, wildlife displacement and harm to local communities.

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