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Maria Black Engraving is all about personalizing your jewellery - be it a new item or that icon that never leaves your side. So now it is your turn to mettle a bit by adding your personal touch to your jewellery. How about that special memory or person that always brings a smile to your face - wouldn't it be great if you could carry a reminder of this all day every day? Add the engravement when you purchase the jewellery or drop of your desired item for engraving, anytime, at the Maria Black store in Copenhagen or Aarhus. Does it get any better? Don't think so.


The fee of the engraving is 200 DKK per item, and then 20 DKK per letter.


Depending on the Maria Black jewellery you want engraved a range of different placements are possible. The most common placements on rings or necklaces are on the front, back or sides while the insides are well suited for engravings on rings and lockets. Please note that we do not engrave the back of rings as this will wear off quickly.


You can choose between the Maria Black fonts. We recommend using font 1 & 2 for full names, quotes, messages etc. Font 3 is suitable for 1-2 initials or symbols.

Font 1 - Script, capital and lower case

Font 2 - Grotesk, capital and lower case

Font 3 - Script, capital and lower case


If you want to get your jewellery engraved, it is wise to choose an item with a flat surface, as the engraving will become more visible. This could either be a necklace with a pendant with a flat surface or a signet ring.

Nice to Know

Gold plating

If you decide to have a gold-plated Maria Black item engraved, you need to be aware that the silver will show through the gold plating. The visibility of the silver depends on the specific item.

Font sizing

The font size will be adjusted depending on the item, placement and text.

Quality rejections / check

We care about the end result and therefore our skilled engraver has the final say in what is possible and what is not. Should your engraving item be rejected, you will be informed and fully refunded* (*the engraving fee).

The process

The expected engravement period, from hand-in to pick-up, is approximately 7 working days.

Terms and conditions

It is unfortunately not possible for Maria Black to accept returns of engraved items, nor is it possible to regret the purchase subsequent signing the order sheet. The Maria Black engraver has the final say in whether a specific engravement is possible or not.

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“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.


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