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24 Nov. - 1 Dec.

Centered around our IMPACT Sourcing Commitment; our collaboration with Fairtrade and switching nto Lab-grown diamonds, we decided to do a FAIR WEEK instead of being a part of Black Week.

Each day during FAIR WEEK we will touch a specific topic – highlighting our materials, explaining our ncollaboration with Fairtrade and sharing our learnings with you.

Our responsibility stems from our compassion for our work, our respect for people and for the love of nature, as well as the urgent need to take concrete action. Let's disrupt the jewellery business and prove that it is possible nto make responsible jewellery.


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What is Fairtrade gold?

Fairtrade was the first global certification scheme for sustainable gold – and since 2011, Fairtrade has been working with the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector to respond to some of the major sectoral challenges. Fairtrade works with small-scale gold mines that meet the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Precious Metals, to respond to deeply entrenched problems in the mining sector. 

What is Fairtrade GSP?

Fairtrade Gold Sourcing Programme (GSP) means the final product does not carry the Fairtrade Mark, but the business is still sourcing Fairtrade gold. The gold is traceable from the mine and through the refining process, and verified through FLOCERT (an independent third party) audits, but may be mixed with non-Fairtrade gold before going into the final product.

What are the benefits of Fairtrade gold compared to conventional gold - why Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a widely recognized standard for improving conditions for artisanal and small-scale miners. Tackling unfair pay and dangerous working conditions, Fairtrade gold has strict requirements on health and safety, handling chemicals and environmental protection. Fairtrade works with mining groups to reduce the amount of chemicals needed in gold extraction, to raise awareness for health and safety risks, and to ensure that proper safety equipment and policies are in place.

Why should I choose Fairtrade gold? – Why is it important as a consumer to choose Fairtrade?

As a consumer, when you choose Fairtrade gold, it means the gold has been responsibly mined according to the Fairtrade Standards. This means miners have received the Fairtrade Minimum Price, as well as the Fairtrade Premium to invest in their communities. Fairtrade is widely recognised for improving conditions for artisanal and small scale miners, tackling unfair pay, dangerous working conditions, and environmental protection, and choosing Fairtrade gold assures customers that it has been mined under fair and safe conditions.

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Exclusive Fine Jewellery Collection

Centered around our IMPACT Sourcing Commitment. All designs in our VERTIGO collection is made from impact gold and features lab-grown diamonds. 

The Vertigo ethos is an expression of play, versatility and utility; a conceptual design apocalypse on Prozac. 

A combination of ‘kawaii’ culture imagery combined with a utility feel from locks and chains inspires to create an urban collectors story. From asphalt to nature this collection is an urban dweller; gender free, curious and ready to adapt.

What do the icons mean?

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Our responsibility stems from our compassion for our work, our respect for people and nature, as well as the urgent need to take concrete action. We want to be the leaders of a sea change in our industry and demonstrate that it is possible to make responsible jewellery.


All designs in our VERTIGO collection is made from impact gold and features lab-grown diamonds. The Vertigo ethos is an expression of play, versatility and utility; a conceptual design apocalypse on Prozac. 


IMPACT gold is a mixed alloy, consisting of 30% Fairtrade gold and 70% recycled gold. This means that we can divert some of our resources towards the small-scale artisanal miners and simultaneously manage our waste.

Lab-grown diamonds

It’s not synthetic or fake, it is 100% identical to a mined diamond with the same grading and chemical composition. Through Sunjewels in Mumbai, we have been able to establish contact with a grower of HPHT and CVD Lab-grown diamonds. He grows and does the cutting himself in Mumbai and he has agreed to allow 3rd party SMETA audits so we can ensure workers rights, wages and that health and safety regulations are met.

Sterling silver

All Maria Black silver jewellery is made from sterling silver. You will find a stamp with the alloy mark 925 and our makers mark BLACK, registered with Force Technology, which is the official Hallmark auditor in Denmark.

“My design philosophy is to constantly evolve, and the pieces I create must prove their rightful place in this madness.”

Maria Black, Founder and Head of Design.


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