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Pop Collection

Personalization and customization is at the heart of the POP COLLECTION.

The collection is based on the currency we all know - the coin.

The POP COINS provides the freedom to express ideas and emotions through the ultimate upgrade that can be repeated – infinitely.

The POP COLLECTION invites you to exercise the freedom to completely change the look of any piece you own with just a single POP.

For the first venture you get to play with the SIGNET LETTER and the FORTUNE COIN series. The SIGNET LETTER series call for an expression of initials or monograms evoking the notion of a secret message to someone special.

The FORTUNE COIN series consist of 4 coins each symbolizing the manifestation or belief of Life, Guidance, Love and Journey.


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Customize your own jewellery

  1. Buy Maria Black -  Moss Ring - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    Moss Ring
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
  2. A Ebony Bokstav Coin
    A Ebony Bokstav Coin
    Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
  3. Buy Maria Black - Yasmeen Charm - Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
    Yasmeen Charm
    Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
  4. Buy Maria Black - Carla Lilac Medaljong - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    Carla Lilac Medaljong
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
  5. Buy Maria Black - Tyra Pendant - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    Tyra Pendant
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
  6. Buy Maria Black - Life Coin - Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
    Life Coin
    Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
  7. Moss Emerald Ring
    Moss Emerald Ring
    Sterlingsølv - Hvitt Rhodium
  8. Buy Maria Black - B Bokstav Coin - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    B Bokstav Coin
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
  9. Buy Maria Black - Guidance Coin - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    Guidance Cloud Coin
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
  10. Buy Maria Black - Journey Coin - Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt
    Journey Lilac Coin
    Sterlingsølv - Gullbelagt

How to Pop

The POP COINS can be popped into any jewellery design from the collection from a ring to a pendant a charm or a locket. Customize your own jewellery by choosing your jewellery and choose the POP COIN of your own choice to tell the story you want.

We made it easy for you to create neat and new looking styles. The Mini Charm Claps is an easy way to attach charms to your bracelet, necklace or anklet and perfect if you’d like to swap them frequently.



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